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Title: The One Where Ryan Gets Laid on His Birthday
Author: arctic_grey and buildyourwalls
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
POV: 3rd, Ryan’s
Summary: Ryan thinks everyone’s forgotten his birthday.
Beta: pinkkchocolate *humps*
Disclaimer: Not real, never happened. We are crazy hos and this has boi secks. If you read, it’s your discretion, otherwise roll that beautiful sex footage.
Author Notes: To spazzyskittles: So, we first planned this as a means to give you smutty smut for your 21st birthday, and then it turned into a whole community with a countdown. Now it's a smut with all of Tiff's kinks in it (or most, anyway), which should make you very happy. May you get very turned on, and if not, then we didn't do our job (we just turned ourselves on writing this, which, actually, is still a win). Happy birthday, we love you like Ryan Ross loves his flower-patterned shirts (which is a whole lot).

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday -Collapse )



And now we should all shower her with gifts, sexual favors or congratulations. Whatever is your thing.
Our goal? Hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of one George Ryan Ross III.

How? Well I'll kick us off and you can just keep on adding in the comments.

And? Promote this like a ho in all of your journals.

For the purposes of this epic picspam, the posting rights have been switched so that every single LJ user can participate, post and comment on pictures.


Day Five: Confess

It's time we all confess our undying love and write Tiffany a love letter. (This may or may not sound a tad familiar to some of you, *cough*, but refrain from googling it just now to make your love letter more heartfelt.)

It's simple! Take a pen and paper and write down the first word that comes to you.

1. adjective
2. noun
3. verb
4. verb ending with -ing
5. plural noun
6. body part
7. verb ending with -ing
8. verb ending in "ed"
9. number
10. verb

And now fill in the letter!Collapse )

Day Four: Indulge Tiff

Yesterday was a very enlightning experience for us all, I'm sure. You think you know someone and then... that happens! It's shocking, even, but I am sure I speak for us all when I say that I wish Ryan and Tiffany the best of luck on their shared journey.

Now, what are we doing today to celebrate Tiffany's 21st birthday? Perhaps the simpler question is... what does Tiffany really, really like? And has lots of? Here's a clue. And who does she like a hell of a lot? Have another clue.

We're not all artists, some of us struggle with MS Paint, but that is beside the point because it's the thought that counts! And bad icons are just kind of funny. Especially if Tiffany feels like she has to use them because we made them especially for her. Ahahaahahahaha!

The icon can be of your own naked butt, really, but to help you along here are some of Tiffany's favorite Ryan Ross pictures!Collapse )

Day Two: The Gift of Music

So now we know how you met Tiffany and just what it was that made you fall in love with her! And we all also know that Tiffany is a little bit of a music geek. Just a little bit.

Today we are going to dedicate Tiffany a song. It can be whatever song you want, maybe it reminds you of her, maybe it's a song you think fits the birthday theme - it's completely up to you. If the song has a video, then just put it here! If not, upload it on mediafire or sendspace, whatever you prefer, so Tiffany and the rest of us can get our hands on it. And remember to tell us why you chose the song you did!

Fire away!

Day One: How did you meet Tiffany?

So, come on and tells us how you met the infamous spazzyskittles!!

What do you Ryden most about her? Her lovely writing? Her beautiful sense of humor? The fact that she is just so fucking Joncer you don't know what to do with yourself? Everyone take this opportunity to compliment the lovely Tiff!

Count down


spazzyskittles's 21st birthday party count down starts on Wednesday, 20th of August 2008.

Join the party!